Website and Social Media Marketing Evaluation Services

Effective digital marketing starts with measuring well how your channels are performing, DVPR analysis gives you that information in an easily digestible format, contact us to discuss how these reports could help your business.

Website effectiveness reporting

Our website reporting service gives regular updates on the key areas your site is performing, but also crucially, we look at where users are dropping off your site before reaching your calls to action.

With our analytic evaluation and reporting service, you can receive detailed monthly reports on how your site is performing, this includes;

  • Which areas of your site are most popular?
  • How are users finding you?
  • Where and why are site visitors leaving your site?
  • How has advertising and PR spend affected site traffic?
  • Are you getting good ROI for your online advertising?
  • Are Social Media campaigns leading to sales?

Our reports are all written in plain terms, without jargon and are designed to be standalone reports to go alongside your own website statistics.

Social media reputation monitoring

Are your messages being spread by the communities?

We look at where your brand or products are being mentioned on Social Media and how trends are being formed. We also look at opportunities to maximise your earning potential from the social media landscape.

We are able to provide monthly evaluation, or campaign timescale based reporting, so you can see how best to maximise your messages, speak to us today about social media monitoring.

DVPR’s digital evaluation expertise

DVPR’s digital team have years experience in working with analytical data from websites and social media channels. The team can create reports about the users visiting a site or social channel, including demographic information.

We use this expertise to draw reports on how websites and social media content is performing. Understanding performance is the first step to being able to maximise that performance.