Star Wars character Darth Vader fights with Street Fighter's Ryu

Student Pocket Guide commission Digital Video PR to create viral film

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The Student Pocket Guide (SPG) approached Digital Video PR with their idea for a viral film, based upon the classic Capcom video game, Street Fighter. The video was to feature a white suited Kung Fu expert called “Ryu”, fighting Star Wars character Darth Vader.

The film was to act as a marketing tool to raise awareness of the SPG’s entry in the Barclays “Take one small step” competition, to win a £50,000 business boost. The idea being that an entertaining film would persuade viewers to vote for the SPG and help gain momentum for the campaign.

An interesting brief for the job required the film to be shot by our video production specialists in studio conditions, on a black screen, normally not a problem, but when one character is a black suited “Darth Vader”, it called for some interesting lighting and camera positions.

The black screen was to allow some dark suited “ninja’s” to move items and characters around with minimal visibility, and creating “slow motion” moves.

Filmed and edited in High Definition, the final film also included some motion graphics created by the team. This film was placed onto The Student Pocket Guide’s YouTube channel and marketed through Facebook pages and Twitter feeds alongside printed material.

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