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Product demonstration films created by video production company

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The UK marketing team at Pure Fishing were looking for a number of product demonstration films to be filmed by a corporate video production company to promote various unique products offered by a number of their quality fishing tackle brands (including Greys, JRC and Chub).

Arranging a shoot over a number of days at a lakeside location proved to be the most cost effective way of filming a number of product demonstration films at the same time.

Consultant anglers from the three fishing tackle companies involved (Greys, Chub and JRC) joined us over three days in the warm summer to film the promotional films. DVPR were responsible for the filming aspects of a three day video shoot in Gloucestershire, to showcase the brands products to both stockist and end users. As such these videos needed to be business to business (B2B) as well as business to consumer (B2C) focussed.

The films created are being released gradually through the social media channels for each brand, creating a buzz about the new products available, whilst at the same time giving some great content for each brand’s social media followers.

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Filming Pure Fishing Carp at Horseshoe Lake