Enerchi Fitness Yoga DVD Filmed

Fitness film for Yoga enthusiasts filmed and edited

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Enerchi Fitness called upon Digital Video PR to create a “Power Yoga” fitness DVD, which would allow their clients to practice in between classes. The format for the one hour film followed a similar path to the classes given by instructor Lucy Cawdron, focussing on breathing exercises and warm up, followed by a main phase routine and ending on relaxation.

Lucy comments “Digital Video PR were fantastic in giving me support, advice and help, not only to make my power yoga DVD possible, but also to make it look so amazing too. Throughout the whole process of filming and editing Digital Video PR were very professional and the quality of the finished product was much better than I could have expected”. Alongside the DVD, we also created a short branded web video to promote Enerchi Fitness classes and the DVD…
[su_youtube url=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sp3eu3FBmbs”]

The DVD was filmed on location in Newmarket, and edited to give the viewer each of the yoga poses from different perspectives. The DVD contains a menu system, allowing the viewer to chose “chapters” to work on different areas at different times.

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