Website Design, Development and Support

We like websites that are effective communications tools, simple to navigate and provide users with the information they require in the least amount of time possible.

As such, we concentrate on combining a rich user experience, with stunning design elements. Why not speak to us today about your new website requirements?

Content Management

All our websites are built on Open Source Software (such as WordPress, Drupal and Zoomla), so there are no expensive ongoing contracts for your content management system (CMS), and your site can be worked on by a number of agencies at any time. We are proud to say that we don’t have our own bespoke CMS, we won’t try to tie you in to a contract for years. We love Open Source, as we can develop amazing functional websites, that can develop with new technology as it becomes available.

How we work

We start by a full client scoping session, from this we look to create a development brief and ultimately wireframes, once these areas have been signed off we look at the design elements of your new site. Creating unique master website templates for each section of your new site. When you are happy with these templates, we look at building the information architecture required to make the site function and choose the correct CMS for your requirements.

Once the CMS is decided upon, we can then start to build your site. Initially, we build a site on a test area, to check form and function, then the site goes onto a staging area ready to be loaded with your content. Once this staging area has been propagated, and the site has been fully tested by DVPR and the client, we are ready for the site launch.

We then offer full training on managing your new website, including how to update pages, how to change links and menu items and how to add images and links. Speak to us about your new website project.

After Service

We also offer ongoing support to help with your digital marketing;

  • Site content creation – Add perfectly written content to your new site
  • SEO Services – Make sure your new site is found by relevant people
  • Analytics and reporting – see how your site is performing and how users are using it

We enjoy creating websites full of rich content, tailored exactly to create a positive user experience, talk to us about your new website today.

DVPR’s Website Building Experience

The digital team at DVPR have over 20 years experience in website building. In that time, the team have created online shopping websites with shopping cart and payment gateway integration, lead generation websites and websites for charities, small businesses and freelancers.

We have expert knowledge of best practice for user experience on websites, as well as lead generation and analytical reporting.