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Building a sense of adventure using camera motion

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The Chub Fishing tackle brand is built around the huge sense of adventure that awaits people who have the same principles as the leading carp fishing brand. Chub tasked video production company DVPR with capturing this sense of exploration in a film highlighting their latest range of specialist clothing.

The team at DVPR recognised that in order to purvey the sense of adventure the brand required, they would have to add a lot of camera movement to the film. This was achieved through using the latest in drone technology for pre-planned aerial shots highlighting the wild nature of the location scouted by DVPR.

To bring that movement into the ground based shots, the camera operators used a DJI Ronin motorised handheld gimbal in order to track the motion of the angler as he moves through the undergrowth.

The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and finalised using DaVinci Resolve to grade the footage bringing out the orange colour in the brand.

Ralph Dijk from Chub Fishing comments “DVPR showed a great understanding of the Chub brand and how we wanted to represent this through film, the end film truly encapsulates what we wanted to achieve”.

Chub Vantage Clothing filming shot