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7 reasons your business needs a YouTube marketing video

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Before we delve into the reasons we believe video is so important to your marketing strategy, let’s just look at the eye watering stats for YouTube:

Over a billion users per month globally.
4 billion video views per day.
400 million video views per day on mobile devices.
100 hours of video loaded per second.

YouTube can therefore place itself as one of the biggest user generated content platforms on the web, ever (it is also the second most search based website, second only to Google). Your business could really benefit from tapping into all those users, here’s some of the reasons why?

1. Online video is an advert which is always playing.

When the Internet really started to gain in reach and popularity, many marketeers quite rightly touted that a website was like an “always open shop door” for businesses of any size, a must have marketing tool. Whilst still true today, an effective YouTube film goes one step further in being the friendly face your customer first meets when stepping through that door.

Online marketing video is an immersive way of showing the breadth and strength of your business. Your professionally produced business promotional film on YouTube has the ability to engage potential and existing clients, generating business leads and installing confidence in new clients.

A professionally produced YouTube marketing video can show off your products and services directly to your potential and existing customers.

2. Creating a YouTube video for business is cost effective advertising.

Many people wrongly believe that creating business marketing films is an expensive way of advertising. Nothing could be further from the truth today. Many professionally produced business marketing films cost less than a printed advert.

With print advertising, design and placement of that advert are often expensive. Crucially though, what you cannot accurately gauge is the return on that investment. Data capture forms can be unreliable and there is no direct link to give your potential customer more information (and to track how they found you).

Which leads nicely onto our next point.

3. YouTube marketing is measurable.

How can you accurately be sure that print advert, leaflet drop or directory listing is actually leading to business leads? You can’t. A YouTube business marketing video gives you access to analytical statistics (such as age rages, demographics and location), not to mention trackable click throughs, that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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4. Google loves YouTube video.

Where your website features on Google search results is important to you, right? Well Google loves sites which feature content from their sister company, YouTube.

So by adding relevant video to your website, Google is more likely to see your site as authoritative on the subject, and the higher all your pages will rank in Google search results.

Further to this, have you noticed that searching on Google now displays relevant videos in the search results? That should be seen as another way of positioning your company at the front of the queue of potential new business customers.

5. Show how your products work and their unique selling points through video.

Product demonstration films for business are a great way of introducing prospective clients to your fantastic products. Not only do films such as the ones we made for fishing tackle manufacturers Chub Fishing set you apart from the competition, they also serve as great instructional videos for customers to understand how your product work, this breeds consumer confidence and reduces returns of your products.

Videos showing off your products are great sales and customer support tools all rolled into one.

6. Your video is accessible and shareable.

YouTube films are simple to watch and share on any number of devices, you can be accessible to prospective clients through their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV and games machine, what’s more they can help spread your message through their own social media channels.

You can also use your films in a number of ways such as on your website, through your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) or maybe through a video news release to be sent out to the press informing them of a product launch?

7. Your competition will be thinking about all the points above.

Finally, but most importantly, one of the big reasons you can benefit from a YouTube marketing film is that your business competitors will already be thinking of using the platform to their advantage.

Professionally produced marketing videos will help your company rise to the top of a congested business marketplace, why not speak to Digital Video PR today about how we can help you create a fantastic new business marketing video.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our thoughts on why YouTube is so important for business, why not share this blog today and don’t forget to leave us a comment below with your thoughts?