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5 ways to make your YouTube marketing video work harder

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Video marketing is one of the most dynamic, engaging and cost effective forms of advertising available to any business today.

Video on YouTube has never been a more important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Millions of potential customers now use the platform daily for entertainment, advice and reward.

But how can you ensure your newly created YouTube marketing film receives the views it deserves and most importantly, from the correct viewers? How can you place your video in front of the correct audience? The latest blog from Digital Video PR gives you 5 Tips for promoting your YouTube marketing film.

1. Create a good first impression through your films thumbnail image

Whilst your video title is important, it’s an enticing poster image, or video thumbnail, which will lead to your video being played above others.

Your YouTube video thumbnail must be captivating or enticing, YouTube will automatically make one for you, but to make the most of the opportunity, ensure you create one yourself. Try to show something interesting, stay away from an interview subject (unless they are famous and instantly recognisable). Try to capture people’s eye, leading to more video plays. Ensure any text is legible, and make sure your image truly represents the great film people will see when they click that play button.

2. Keyword your title and add relevant tags

When YouTube looks to rank your video for its search functions, it will assume the title accurately describes the film. You can use this to your advantage. Ensure your video title contains relevant keywords that not only describe your video, but also includes phrases people may use when looking for similar films. Always write a good synopsis of yoru film in the description field. Remember to add relevant tags to your film during the upload stage, YouTube uses these tags to place your film alongside other similar films in recommended viewing lists.

3. Promote your video, socially!

Ensure you place your video onto your social media channels, think of different ways to promote it, perhaps using a behind the scenes image, or a screen grab from the film to show how the film was made? You can afford to place the film on your social channels more than once, especially if you have lots of behind the scenes images to show how much fun it was to create.

Encourage your staff members and business contacts to view and share the film. And place it on the most visited page of your website. The more views your marketing film gets, the more relevance is placed on it by YouTube’s search engine algorithms. Why not add a link your film into your corporate email signature or promote it to your mailing list?

4. Press release your film

Your marketing video release is an important moment, make sure you issue a press release telling relevant media, bloggers and supporters about it. More PR means more views.

Many press websites are desperate for great video content, so your film could be promoted by them too. Trade press will be interested in your video, spread the word.

5. YouTube is not the only place your film can work

Whilst YouTube should be a huge outlet for your film, there are other ways you could use the film to your advantage.

A scary prospect for some, but allowing people to download your film could lead to it being played at important meetings, or being put in front of decision makers.

Why not use it in PowerPoint Presentations and at trade shows or exhibitions?

Do you have an app? If so could your film feature in that? Have you thought about uploading the film to Facebook separately? We would definitely recommend doing so after posting the YouTube links as another way to get the film into people’s timelines (you can add call’s to action to films on Facebook, linking to your shop/site/donation page).

We hope you’ve enjoyed our short guide on how to get more from your YouTube business marketing video, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t forget, a professionally produced film should be at the top of your marketing strategy, why not speak to us today about your promotional film?

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