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5 tips for creating your successful business marketing video

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Video marketing is one of the most dynamic, engaging and cost effective forms of advertising available to any business today.

But where should you start when it comes to creating business promotional videos for YouTube? Here are some top tips from Digital Video PR for creating your next promotional film.

1. Think carefully about your message, what do you want to get across?

Planning your video production is a vital step to ensure its success. Without a well laid out plan your production costs could escalate and your production timings slip.

The core to your plan should always be “what message do you wish your viewers to take away from your film”? It could be a call to action such as; visiting your website to find out more, asking viewers to share the film to create awareness of your brand, or presenting the unique selling points of your product.

Whatever the “ask” always ensure that everything else in the film is there to point people towards that objective.

2. Brand placement doesn’t have to be obvious

If the objective of your film is to raise brand awareness, simple steps such as ensuring all people featured in the promotional film are wearing branded clothing is vitally important.

Most professional video production companies will ensure that your brand is featured in a variety of cut-away shots (for example, shots used to illustrate points over interviews), without it being too obvious.

Professionally produced “stings” – short videos used at the beginning and end of films to represent the brand – are the perfect way of setting your brand apart from the competition.

3. Be creative with your ideas

When planning your business video production, give yourself lots of time for creative thinking. Your film needs to be entertaining, educational and to get your message across. Try not to get bogged down in detail, think about the end product and how to make it as watchable as possible.

Whilst not suitable for every film or audience, adding a comedy, cute or feel good element to any film will really help when it comes to viewers sharing the film (one of the steps towards the holy grail of the film going “viral”).

Employing the services of a professional video production company, such as Digital Video PR, will help maximise the potential of your marketing video.

4. Sing your praises, focus on your strengths, is the tone right?

Your new YouTube business marketing video is your shop window to the world (as we pointed out in our previous Blog), use it as an opportunity to show what an excellent product/brand/service you have on offer, and tell people clearly why they should use your business.

Think about the tone of your film, how you would like your brand to be represented, if you have a style or brand guidelines give them to your video production company, it will help them understand your brand and its ethos.

5. Don’t be preoccupied by length

Many internet marketing experts proclaim that viewers won’t watch a film if it’s over two minutes in length. Our experience and evidence disputes this.

Autoplay films on Facebook could well be better placed as short form films, however, when it comes to embedded films from YouTube on your web pages, or films to be circulated to an email subscriber list (therefore, “warm” audiences) we believe that the content is key.

Your film should be long enough to tell your message in an informative and captivating way, it should be strong on detail, no shots should be used more than once and it should entice viewers along with the story. The length should be dictated by this, not opinion.

So there we have 5 tips on how to maximise the success of your YouTube marketing film,we would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, please comment below!

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