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5 Simple Ways to Strategically Create Better Facebook Marketing Videos

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Creating Viral Facebook Marketing Videos

Whenever we hear about successful Facebook video marketing strategy, one word always features, viral.

For some video marketing experts, the thought of getting a film to go viral is the pinnacle of success, with this success usually being measured on the view count of a marketing film production. However, whilst the film reaching a large audience of viewers is undoubtedly a good thing and should be striven to achieve, it doesn’t always meet the definition of success.

Measuring Facebook Video Success

For most Facebook marketing films we produce there is always a set goal, whether that be to inform potential new customers of a product, to introduce a company and its services to a wider audience or to increase awareness of an issue.

But as in all digital communications, and especially video marketing on Facebook or YouTube, presenting the message to the correct audience is always the determining factor between success and failure.

Whilst monitoring views, reach and engagement using the analytical data from Facebook is undoubtedly interesting and can throw up some big numbers, the only true way to measure success is to look at the actions taken by your audience.

Measuring Actions from Facebook Video

In order to measure the effectiveness of a Facebook marketing video production we have to always look to provide an action for the viewer to take. This could be something as simple as clicking a link within a description or a video card, or perhaps filling out a survey, perhaps it is downloading something from your website, signing up through a web form or purchasing an item through a defined channel.

Without measuring actions, we can’t really accurately attribute return on investment, so then the view count could be irrelevant.

5 simple ways to strategically create better Facebook marketing videos

So our best advice for successful video marketing on Facebook, would be as follows

– Try to understand your audience before creating the film
– Establish what defines success to your organisation at an early stage
– Be sure to have track-able goals and objectives for the viewer
– Ensure all links to your website are tracked by Google Analytics UTM links
– Measure your data, review the performance over time

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